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April newsletter: Tools, tools and… tools

Auditing CSS tools CSS auditing may not be very common, but is often a necessary task on larger projects to detect unused and optimize the slow selector or improve accessibility and low contrast ratios. Learn about tools you may not be familiar with in this article. Welcome CSS container queries They are coming! Although still[…]

october newsletter

February newsletter: Mix of web tech articles

Simplify your React components React components can be too complex if they contain multiple responsibilities and features. The article explains how to reduce component complexity by creating a “mediator” component. History and future of React Redux Learn more about the complete history of React Redux implementation. It explains the design decisions in the background of[…]


January newsletter: Happy New Year, dear readers :)

Redux or React Context? What is better for state management in your opinion? React-context or Redux? This is always a debate in the React community. Do you think that React-context is a state management tool ? In this article by Mark “acemarke” Erikson will show you why react-context is not management tool. How to write[…]

December newsletter: A bit more about Next.js

Next.js Guide When considering using server rendering (SSR) with React, Next.js is one of the best options. When building a larger application, one of the disadvantages of React may be the lack of a structure to help you organize your code and application. Next.JS not only helps with this part. Read the article to explore[…]


November newsletter: Improve whenever possible

Webpack 5 released Our most popular build tool comes with a new major release after v4 in 2018. You can get compatible versions of your add-ons from the month of release. See the article for details on the changes. Among other things, the names of auto-parts, better hashing of content, caching updates, better shaking of[…]

october newsletter

October newsletter: Not only about JS :)

React v17 is released Big news first! React team had finally released new version of library which prepares the ground for bigger changes in the next releases. Comes with support for using different versions of the React in single document or multiple apps together even nested without hacks. As a bonus with new transpiler library[…]


September newsletter: What autumn brings

How Facebook built new app We all use Facebook, don’t we? Learn what Facebook used to build a new version of its popular app. Are you interested in what their stack looks like in 2020? Well, this article is for you. 😉 Do have React hooks any downsides? Are the React hooks really great[…]

August newsletter: Summer speeding up

Typescript 4.0 released New major version of Typescript compiler have been released recently. And what it brings? Well.. many small improvements. From better performance through variadic tuple types to new IDE features as refactoring to optional chaining. How to review accessibility Chrome dev tools are extremely powerful in helping out the web developers. Maybe you’ve[…]