April newsletter: Tools, tools and… tools

Auditing CSS tools CSS auditing may not be very common, but is often a necessary task on larger projects to detect unused and optimize the slow selector or improve accessibility and low contrast ratios. Learn about tools you may not be familiar with in this article. Welcome CSS container queries They are coming! Although still[…]

Programming principles series

Why watching Hotovo Programming principles series is a good choice

It is no secret that in order for companies to remain relevant in the tech business, they must invest in the continuous education of their people. This is especially prominent in software development shops with various clients and partners across the globe and a wide coverage of domains and technology stacks. There are many ways[…]

What’s wrong with you GANs? Or how to avoid problems when working with GANs

Hey, my fellow reader, if you read this blog post, it means that you are already familiar with the concept of GAN. That’s good, because I’m not going to explain some details here, like architecture or math. I want to share my experience with the thorny training process of these neural networks instead. So where[…]

october newsletter

February newsletter: Mix of web tech articles

Simplify your React components React components can be too complex if they contain multiple responsibilities and features. The article explains how to reduce component complexity by creating a “mediator” component. History and future of React Redux Learn more about the complete history of React Redux implementation. It explains the design decisions in the background of[…]

From Zero to Expert in 3 days

In my last post I concluded with the question whether having so many techs (programming languages, cloud services, data storages, frameworks, command line tools, infrastructure, distributed systems etc.) permeating developers space is scary. I believe that given a certain level of experience anything can be learned in 3 days, to reasonable extent. In our not-that-theoretical[…]