Atlassian connect

Single webwork add-on for Confluence and JIRA server

This post is about to create a single add-on with webwork actions for both Confluence and Jira server instances. Atlassian gives us an ability to define separate components for a specific application like Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo, etc. As you know the components can be specified in the add-on descriptor atlassian-plugin.xml: web-items, web-resources, webworks and many[…]

2. Crypto meetup – Smart Contracts and ICOs

After two months we’ve organized second crypto meetup. This time around 50 people arrived, which was more than the last time. Meetup has started with presentation by our smart contract expert – Gleb Urvanov. He focused on main differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum – smart contracts and explained what they are and where you can[…]

Pre-filling the form for SFDC custom objects

Introduction Custom objects represent an easy way to extend the standard data model of SFDC. In this post, we show how to pre-fill the form fields when a custom object is being created. In this example, we introduce a new Custom object, called Case Feedback, linked to a standard Case object via Master-detail relationship, making[…]

Salesforce polling versus callouts

What is polling? Polling means actively sampling the status of a service by a client program as a synchronous activity. Polling is most often used in terms of  getting actual state. Applications typically poll for changed data periodically. In Salesforce, the client program wants to get information about created, updated or deleted Objects. What is Salesforce callout?[…]