Appka, ktorou pomáhame učiť a recyklovať

Spolu s košickými vysokoškolákmi sme vyvinuli aplikáciu, ktorá uľahčuje triedenie odpadov. V Hotovo už vyše desať rokov spolupracujeme na vývoji IT riešení s partnermi z celého sveta a za ten čas sme mali šancu stretnúť sa fakt s pestrou škálou riešených problémov. Z vlastnej skúsenosti preto vieme, aké je dôležité, aby vysokoškoláci ešte počas štúdia premieňali na[…]

Hotovo teams in competition Live IT projects 2019

In the University Library of the Technical University in Košice on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, the final presentation of student projects under the title ” Živé IT projekty” took place for the fourth time. There were 34 teams comprised of up to 171 students in engineering studies. Their task was to approach and present the[…]

Noise killer

Open space noise killer

Noisy work environment significantly decreases work efficiency. No doubts about that. Are you that “lucky” guy, located and counted within 70% of offices that are open-plan? Did you know that workers lose as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions? (*According to study performed by Steelcase and Ipsos 204). Your time is[…]

Buildme menu

BuildMe application

Growing up doesn’t necessarily mean that the child inside is changing over time. Sometimes I think that the second most beautiful thing about having children, except that indescribable feeling of love, is the time spent with them playing. We all love playing. And, I believe, we still will do. And this made me think of[…]


Enter our DevKitchen

Sharing is caring. Sometimes a bit scaring but this is not our case. Definitely. Why? Because we bet on potential of young rookies. And this is the engine that drives us into being a part of initiatives happening around. One of them is “Live IT Projects” organized by Technical University of Kosice. Theory, that is[…]