Programming principles series

Why watching Hotovo Programming principles series is a good choice

It is no secret that in order for companies to remain relevant in the tech business, they must invest in the continuous education of their people. This is especially prominent in software development shops with various clients and partners across the globe and a wide coverage of domains and technology stacks. There are many ways[…]

From Zero to Expert in 3 days

In my last post I concluded with the question whether having so many techs (programming languages, cloud services, data storages, frameworks, command line tools, infrastructure, distributed systems etc.) permeating developers space is scary. I believe that given a certain level of experience anything can be learned in 3 days, to reasonable extent. In our not-that-theoretical[…]

Appka, ktorou pomáhame učiť a recyklovať

Spolu s košickými vysokoškolákmi sme vyvinuli aplikáciu, ktorá uľahčuje triedenie odpadov. V Hotovo už vyše desať rokov spolupracujeme na vývoji IT riešení s partnermi z celého sveta a za ten čas sme mali šancu stretnúť sa fakt s pestrou škálou riešených problémov. Z vlastnej skúsenosti preto vieme, aké je dôležité, aby vysokoškoláci ešte počas štúdia premieňali na[…]

Hotovo Teen Dev Day 2018

International Girls in ICT Day

There is always smaller number of female applicants in the IT department and they are slowly becoming rarity. In comparison to male employees there are only few female professionals. And since everything rare and special is worth celebrating, today is a day with no exceptions – it belongs to IT women, to programmers, to all[…]