September 29, 2015


Seems like you’re looking for a new and exciting opportunity, right?
Time to join our team mate!

We are currently looking for..

There is nothing here for me, but I want to work with you!

If you can’t find any valid position for yourself but you want to leave us your résumé and contact details – do it! We will contact you as soon as we determine that you may be a good fit for one of our future roles.

When you join Hotovo you will get a few nice perks.

Work Environment

Flexible working hours

We understand that your best moments may be after lunch or at 3am. Core office hours – none. Just do what you promised and you are fine.

Ping pong, table football, robots, Xbox..

Whether you need to do sports or art to flush your mind and clear the short term memory, you can do that already in the office. There is always somebody who will join you. Or talk you out of it.


Do you want to show off or talk about something cool? Once in a while we do presentations for each other about new tech stuff (mostly), both internal and external. Or just relax and learn something new? Hmm?

Career path in engineering

Not everyone thoroughly enjoys serving with humans as a manager. Their illogic and foolish emotions are a constant irritant. That’s why you have a choice whether you want to grow to be a manager or an architect.

“Break time’s over ladies, let’s go!”

For fans of FPS, we have CS (or other games) nights. We meet in the office, hookup the equipment, get some pizzas, cokes and (caugh) other stuff and get going.


No habla español?

Make yourself understood in a variety of languages. We are in the crossroads between east and west, north and south. Or just improve your current skills. For Swahili, you will need to find the teacher yourself.

Pick your machine

Pick whatever machine you need for work, Surface, Macbook, Mainframe or Steamroller. Hey, you will need to work with it.


Ergonomic chairs, adjustable standing desks, high quality monitors, shared bikes. Because we care about our health.

Body fuel

We make sure we have snacks, fresh food, drinks, ice cream in the kitchen. And Coffee. Did anyone mentioned coffee?


Like travel? Well, we have clients around Europe and world. London, Dubai, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Sydney. Just keep out of the cockpit, you may scare some people.