July 6, 2018

Full-blooded iOS Developer

Hey dude.. are you a full-blooded coder and your head is full of ideas?

Do you have a passion for developing great software?
Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity?

Have you just said 3x YES? Cool, the right time to join our team!

The role / What you’ll do…

  • Develop great mobile apps for iOS!
  • Work with us on startups challenging your creativity and invention using the latest technologies
  • Have a chance to bring your own ideas and influence how things are done
  • Cooperate with guys from Sydney, San Francisco, New York, Denver, Buenos Aires, London or Stockholm, with opportunity to visit these places
  • Help us bring new innovative jobs to town for all of us
  • Enjoy beer, good coffee, foosball and ping-pong

Key Skills

You are smart, talented, enthusiastic, reliable, good looking, modest and have…

  • Proven experience with iOS app development
  • Knowledge of languages like Swift and Objective-C
  • Good understanding of paradigms: OOP, POP, FP, TDD
  • Good knowledge of frameworks like Foundation, UIKit
  • Overview of Application Design Patterns
  • Good overview of actual trends in mobile app development
  • Professional experience in software development
  • Superior creative and innovative problem-solving skills
  • Relaxed yet enthusiastic attitude
  • Speak some English
  • Good personal hygiene is a must! 🙂

Very appreciated (to double-check: it means not mandatory (smile))

  • Experience with Hybrid app development technologies, like React Native, Ionic, etc.
  • Exp with usage and development of Web services, especially REST
  • Exp with serverless architecture (Firebase, AWS Lambda, Gateway, SNS, IoT..)
  • Analytical thinking with ability to evaluate the scope and suggest time estimation
  • GIT user
  • JIRA user
  • customer friendliness

Bonus Skills (again, would be awesome, but it’s not expected (smile))

  • Experience with beer brewing
  • Crypto enthusiast – knowledge of BTC, ETH networks, SmartContracts, Solidity, Blockchain, Quantitative trading…
  • Game developer – Unity, libGDX, CryEngine, WebGL, jMonkeyEngine, OpenGL, multiplayer networking
  • Exp with Virtual Agents, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Platforms
  • HW geek – RPI, ESP32, Arduino coding…
  • Exp with crowdfunding campaigns – KickStarter, KickICO…
  • Exp with Python/Django/Flask
  • Table football psycho/freak, Floorball player, Masseur, Yoga guru, Blood donor, NERFighter, Climber…

We offer

  • Enjoy an exciting start-up atmosphere or work for stable customers with a great reputation
  • Get your hands on the latest technologies
  • Non-formal “dorms like” working atmosphere
  • Learn from gurus with 10+ years in software shit and rock with ambitious rookies
  • Fruit of your work will be used by millions of users around the world
  • Agile stuff, lots of unit tests, functional tests, code reviews, scrums, etc.
  • Flexible working hours, flexible tendons
  • Trips to Australia, America or Western Europe (if interested)
  • Great coffee and lots of team building activities
  • And of course a great salary corresponding to your skills.. and.. hairstyle!