October 6, 2017

Cryptocurrencies consulting

Tired of hype around blockchain? So are we! We are tech guys who worked years in tech, who fell in love with cryptocurrencies because of it’s potential to have positive impact and despises abuse of a word blockchain by snake oil salesmen. We are here to help you cut through buzzwords and help you understand if cryptocurrencies and blockchain are relevant for your business.


  • application tokens
    • implement ERC20 complaint or completely custom tokens
  • smart contracts
    • implement secure smart contracts
  • web and mobile applications for cryptocurrencies
    • we have years of experience with web and mobile development
  • blockchain development
    • first we will look if you need blockchain (most likely you don’t) and if you do, we will help you to implement it
  • consulting and training
    • in person training or consulting to help you understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchain can affect your business


Jira Bitcoin plugin

We have developed Jira plugin which we used internally to tip our team members with little bit of cryptocurrency for extra work they do.

Crypto meetup

We organize local meetup where we inform general public and local experts about news from cryptospace.

Crypto ATM

We have installed ATM in one of most popular local pubs. The goal of ATM is to allow general public to own a little bit of cryptocurrency. It supports few cryptocurrencies.