March 29, 2016


Information technology has brought us many awesome but diverse services. Integration across these disparate systems is crucial to better understand customers, observe behaviour, analyse data and create the optimal customer experience. We have several years’ experience dealing with integration challenges so we know HOW to tackle them and WHAT technology to use to reach your objectives.

Looking for solutions to any of the following use cases?

  • Hybrid connectivity (on-premises + cloud)
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Real-time data availability
  • API-led connectivity
  • Connect data silos
  • Developer engagement
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Unify customer experience

We can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Custom integration solutions

Sometimes it makes no sense to go into integration frameworks, ESB or whole integration suites and the requirements can be addressed by simple direct Web Service calls or custom middle-ware .

Moreover, it’s sometimes more efficient to integrate systems on UI level or perform the integration on a database level.

Custom integration is an answer when you don’t want to complicate your architecture by employing robust platforms, don’t have a need for more advanced features and don’t expect rapid growth of number of connected nodes.


Sounds familiar? That’s fine.

We cover the whole development cycle, from analysis of requirements to implementation, testing, deployment, hosting, monitoring and maintenance. We can build a custom tailored solution for you based for instance on point-to-point web service calls or on a messaging based middle-ware.

Being strong in generic software development, we always consider aspects like security, reliability and scalability, when designing custom integration solutions.

Join our satisfied clients like Atlassian or Clearvision and contact us.

Our services include

  • analysis of requirements
  • design and implementation of custom integration solutions
    • experience with various integration scenarios (migration, broadcast, aggregation, bidirectional synchronization..)
    • expertise in data transformation
    • messaging know-how
  • testing
  • deployment, support and maintenance

Connect any endpoints without heavy-weight solutions. Implement custom solutions with our custom integration experts.