November 1, 2017


With, world-leading enterprise software for storing file online, you can make all your data securely available 24/7. The Box provides first-class file storage and Hotovo team supplies high quality solutions based on Box engine- good enough to be used inside the Box itself.

Understanding the platform which help us bring to life truly secure, scalable and high-available solutions to satisfy your company needs.

By integrating Box-based file storage, you will meet:

  • Security
  • Avaliability
  • Scalable solutions
  • Control over permissions
  • Framework of your choise- and ready-made SDK for many of them.

It’s more than storage.

Share files the way it is required. Wherever you want to keep data completely private or share them with any customer. Everything is possible with Box. Flexible opportunities for collaboration help in creating smart solutions faster and better.

Advanced file privacy and retention policy make possible to build enterprise infrastructure based on Box solution or provide different level of access for application users.

Mobile-ready solution and SDKs make possible to use advantages of the Box even in mobile application.

With deep experience of integrations between systems of any scale, we would be glad to offer Box-based file storage solutions, either for your products or internal needs.

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