November 1, 2017

Cloudmine software integration

Bring digital healthcare data to your projects with Cloudmine software integration.

Cloudmine software provides you wide range of opportunities to integrate different data sources for your application. No need to deal with all data sources one by one. You can do it thru the single integration with the Cloudmine software.

Why go with us?


Being a partner of Cloudmine since 2016 year, we have implemented several integration solutions based on Cloudmine Engine.

Our experts participated on internal development of Cloudmine stuff and know exactly how to connect them to everything. From widely known enterprise platforms like Salesforce to very custom and unique solutions. Power of Cloudmine and flexibility of Hotovo engineers build a bridge between your application and data providers or consumers.

The solution

Security is the most sensitive thing while working with people’s health data, thus Cloudmine pays significant attention to make the data protected as best as possible.

Being highly scalable, Cloudmine healthcare solution could be used within an app of any scale, from small services up to giant enterprise clusters.

Microservices-based architecture makes it easy to integrate only these pieces you require and make them work with minimal effort.

Healthcare and more

Designed to be applicable anywhere, Cloudmine could be integrated to any project dealing with significant amount of data of any kind. All the data regardless of its origin will be treated exactly as preciously as it were your personal health record.

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