March 17, 2016

Outsourcing of Mulesoft experts

Do you need to extend your capacities with Mule ESB developers? Our team is among a handful few in Central Europe disposing such skills. We have learned the best practices by working directly with Mulesoft, covering many areas of Anypoint Platform.
Our experience spans from Salesforce, SAP, Workday to Micrsoft Dynamics, Netsuite and many more. You do not need to spend time and resources training new employees. Focus on the core functions of your business. Let us look at your projects from different angle, come up with fresh ideas and help you deliver!

Have you tried any of Anypoint Templates or Examples? We implemented over 100 of them utilising best practices for various integration patterns, target systems and data objects. They were published in Anypoint Exchange. The integration patterns include:

Hotovo Salesforce MigrationMigration pattern As an user I want triggered one-time data synchronization from system A to system B



Hotovo SAP Salesforce IntegrationBroadcast pattern As an user I want to synchronize data from system A to system B periodically



Hotovo Workday AggregationAggregation pattern As an user I want to aggregate data from system A and B, compare them to see which ones can only be found in one of the two systems and which ones are in both.



Hotovo Workday ServiceNow synchronizationBidirectional synchronization As an user I want to have real-time bidirectional synchronization between two systems A and B.



Of course, we can extend these integration scenarios to suit your needs. Our developers are able to design the integration based on your requirements, implement and test it.

We worked extensively with Anypoint Platform for APIs:

  • managing API lifecycle from creating to customizing developer portal
  • developing over 10 custom policies, applicable to API gateways, published in Anypoint Exchange
  • deploying Mule apps to Cloudhub in complex scenarios
  • describing APIs using RAML

For further information, please send us an email.