March 7, 2016

Mulesoft platform

Market nowadays requires the data from various heterogeneous systems to be available for smart decisions. Data holding applications sometimes create isolated “islands”, separated from the rest of organisation and thus keeping it from unleashing its potential.

The systems need to talk together, fast and in the automated way. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that apps use different data formats, protocols, processes, security measures, etc. Is point-to-point communication maintainable, scalable and future-proof?

More endpoints you connect, the more complex the whole process becomes, making new extensions difficult to add and the complete integration to maintain, burdening the budget with unnecessary expenditures.


What your business needs is an efficient and economical solution.

MuleSoft integration platform, called Anypoint Platform, with more than 3200 production deployments supporting 35% of Global 500 companies, offers robust and flexible integration capabilities. Your existing data sources in the cloud and on-premises systems can be easily combined to maximise your existing investment.

The reuse of pre-built connectors (Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, Workday, etc.) and components shortens time to market for your unique products, lowering the integration costs.

Missing a connector in Anypoint Exchange? We got your back, we deliver custom connectors for MuleESB for any system you choose. We’ve for instance implemented connectors for Atlassian Jira and Stash. Thanks to CloudHub, the MuleSoft cloud hosting technology, your resources are spent on “pay-as-you-go” basis.

Did we mention that Mule comes in the community edition too? Yes and it shares the same code base with the enterprise edition so you can upgrade if your business grows and demands mission-critical features like high performance, high availability, resiliency, or technical support.

Hotovo&Mulesoft-export-3MuleSoft offering is much broader, with other tools to help you get your business into the new, API-led connectivity, era. Build new APIs, modernise existing APIs and manage them using a single platform to share enterprise data with mobile devices, web apps and connected things in a secure controlled way.

Engage with your API consumers using a developer portal, full of resources to get them started immediately. Enabling your business partners to sign up new customers and upsell them by consuming your APIs extends your reach and increases partner revenue.

Our Mule ESB expertise includes:

  • requirements analysis
  • design and implementation of MuleESB applications
    • experience with various integration scenarios (migration, broadcast, aggregation, bidirectional synchronisation…)
      • we’ve delivered the best practices in form of integration templates and examples in Anypoint Exchange
      • in depth knowledge of many MuleESB connectors (bugs, limitations, necessary workarounds…)
      • integrated Salesforce, SAP, Workday, ServiceNow, Siebel, etc.
    • expertise in transformation (DataWeave and DataMapper)
  • implementation of custom connectors (our Jira REST connector was awarded on MuleSoft CONNECT 2015 in San Francisco as the best custom connector)
  • implementation of custom API policies (Anypoint gateway)
  • testing
  • deployment on CloudHub, Anypoint Platform cloud service

We have worked with MuleSoft core dev teams since 2014 as outsourced remote team and know many people at MuleSoft personally (devs, product owners, managers). Knowing who to ask directly and where to find answers helps us to get problems solved faster.