February 4, 2016

Mobile apps

We like what we do. We do mobile apps. Serious ones

  • Mobile banking


Hotovo created a mobile application for Akixi, our UK-based client who develop call management and call analytics solutions.

The project covered all aspects of the software development lifecycle – from technical workshops, developing visual concepts using mock-up and wireframe practices, and software coding, all the way through to acceptance testing and application store deployment.

The first version of the Akixi Wallboard application was previewed at the BroadSoft Connections conference, just two months after commencement of the development process, with deployment into stores following shortly after that. The application was developed to be “native” for both major platforms – iOS and Android.

Following the success of the project and having built good relationships across both teams, Akixi has already decided to continue their engagement with Hotovo and we are excited to be working with them on other projects.

Links to the stores: Play Store, App Store


This time we had strengthened the internal Citadele bank development team in order to meet desired deadline for the new version of their mobile banking application. We were asked for help with an application of the Material design thanks to our expertise in this field. During the project we carried out implementation of various new features related to caching, payments handling and search as well. Our team also analysed and improved build process and did other improvements with continuous refactoring. You can check results of our joint HERE.


In this case we have helped our friends at Clarity to create their app from scratch. Clarity 4D is a company creating personal color profile based on the Jungian psychology and the four elements: Fire, Wind, Earth and Water. Application run both on iOs and Android platform, it takes advantage of our in-house cross platform framework with support for social media networks, custom animations, direct integration with the desired APIs, etc. It also enables us to do our work faster and employ our JavaScript specialists on mobile projects. Try our work and learn more about yourself HERE. Do not forget to share if you like it and check your friends colors also.


Protecht.BowTie is an application designed for risk and safety professionals that use the bowtie method to assess risk events and their associated causes, impacts and controls. Protecht.BowTie allows you to quickly drag risk events, causes, controls and impacts into a staging area or into the bowtie working area. Our algorithm will automatically position the nodes in the shape of the bow tie – cause nodes to the left of the risk event, impact nodes to the right. Controls to mitigate likelihood or impact can be linked to these nodes. Predefined risk event, cause, impact and control nodes are customizable. Free form connecting lines for complex assessments are available as well. The results can be exported as a proprietary BowTie file compatible with the app or common formats PNG and PDF. This is a must have app for all risk professionals.

We are mobile enthusiasts

and love to make great mobile apps. We inject our genome into all our apps and we always take it personally.

Whether you need a small simple app, for instance to please your clients with some discounts, or a complex app integrating several remote systems, including offline support, audio/video streaming, cloud support or extensive localization, all that with super-high availability and performance, running on various platforms, devices and wearables, yes, that’s what we do.

Our experience from outside of mobile development, including implementation of various information systems and integrations, allows us to see things in a broader context and help us design serious mobile apps. Our engineers have strong technological background in mobile applications development, working previously for companies such as Nokia or Skype (before Microsoft bought it).

We do native iOS, Android, mobile web apps and hybrid apps.

What does it all include?

We always bring out the best and we don’t have to strive,
since we simply like to design great software.

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