September 29, 2015


We specialize on shared goal, long term, partnership model of software development outsourcing.

In case you are looking for an EFFECTIVE and SAFE way to extend your development capacities, we can provide you with our near/offshore team.

We work as DEDICATED dev teams. Under your full control, but always with an opinion.

When we say dedicated team, it means:

  • Team is set up according to your requirements
  • We work exclusively for you, in the long run, allowing you to fully rely on us
  • We understand your goals, plans, visions, behave as your internal team and always act proactively
  • Our actions are driven by the following values: honesty, transparency, expected business value and challenging the status-quo, and when allowed to
    1. use XP development practices governed by SCRUM project management process
    2. work in short iterations, delivering increments under close user cooperation
  • We are in a continuous contact via audio, video, chat, regular on site stays, because communication is the KEY
  • Our team is located in Europe and operates closest possible to your timezone (by default in GMT+1)

The team tech SKILL set?

Most of us have finished the university studies with the specialization on information technology. We focus especially on JAVA .NET, Python and Mobile.

How does it work?

I’s all about trust. The generic scheme is the following:

  • We start with a small team (e.g. one person)
  • Get to know each other, build a two-way trust
  • Later adapt the team as needed