January newsletter: Happy New Year, dear readers :)

Redux or React Context? What is better for state management in your opinion? React-context or Redux? This is always a debate in the React community. Do you think that React-context is a state management tool ? In this article by Mark “acemarke” Erikson will show you why react-context is not management tool. How to write[…]


November newsletter: Improve whenever possible

Webpack 5 released Our most popular build tool comes with a new major release after v4 in 2018. You can get compatible versions of your add-ons from the month of release. See the article for details on the changes. Among other things, the names of auto-parts, better hashing of content, caching updates, better shaking of[…]

August newsletter: Summer speeding up

Typescript 4.0 released New major version of Typescript compiler have been released recently. And what it brings? Well.. many small improvements. From better performance through variadic tuple types to new IDE features as refactoring to optional chaining. How to review accessibility Chrome dev tools are extremely powerful in helping out the web developers. Maybe you’ve[…]


March newsletter: Angular and React

In March we spent a bit more time focusing on Angular and React. Take a look on the articles that grabbed our attention. Enjoy reading 😉 Rendering large lists with Angular While creating application that works with bigger amount of data and need to display them without pagination sooner or later come across performance issues.[…]